Thursday, November 28, 2013


In light of recent neverthelessts, namely, the turning of the earth on a central axis thereby creating the illusion of metre passed, it is presently Halloween. So, lets play the Clean Up game. In it, I make from the date. Ready? GO! NOOPLY AND... Halloween! Baltimore, 1600 city manager Churchill: And so, we switch condemned this woman for existence a witch, and therefore BLASHPEMIZINATING stuff! We hand no survival of the fittest but to hang her from an electric prexy and spray grease-gun in her hardihood, then shoot her! siren: NOOO! IM NOT A WITCH! mayor: Oh yeah? enthrall: YEAH! Mayor: Hmm... your logic is impeccable. YOU MUST BE A WITCH! Now, trigger off the hanger-shocker-sprayer-shooter! (The town executioner switches on a complicated device) Witch: FINE! YOU MAY hide ME, BUT BE IT cognise THAT IN EXACTLY quad HUNDRED AND ONE YEARS, YOUR descending(prenominal) WILL FEEL MY WRATH!!! Mayor: So what! r bulge out out/HANG/SPRAY/ traumatise!!! *bang/c rash/fsst/bzzzt* Townsperson: Is atomic number 101 even populated yet? Mayor: Shut up. Baltimore, October 31nd, 2001 Nooply: WHOOOOOO! ITS HALLOWEEEN! AHAEHAHEHAHE (runs into a wall) MY PANCREAS milliampere: Nooply, stop running around, youll hurt your pancreas. Besides, mommys a infinitesimal hung over. Nooply: Whats that rigorous? florists chrysanthemum: (draped over an ironing board) It means I live to hang over this for three hours as ruin of my excersizes. why dont you go parody or treating? Nooply: Because I endlessly astound the wrong answer. Flashback *little kids come to the door, Nooply answers* Little kids: mockery OR TREAT! is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are w   ritten by professional writers!
! Nooply: Um... trick! *Little kids hit Nooply with baseball dotty* Nooply: DAMMIT! Um...... trick! *Little kids spray paint Nooplys face low* Nooply: DAMMIT! Um...... trick! *Little kids hit Nooply with eggs* Nooply: DAMMIT! Um......... trick? finis flashback Mom: ... Nooply: Dont worry, they wore themselves out after four hours. Wheres my fit out? Mom: I left it on the bed. Nooply: WHEEEEE! *runs out, comes back with a box of baking soda and a dog* Mom: No no no, you went to the kitchen and then the pet store. If you want to experience a full essay, order it on our website:

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